Danny started dancing and competing at the tender age of 8. By 18 years old, he was already a very successful and accomplished young dancer and decided to further his dancing career in England. His passion was always Ballroom Dancing. He had a vision and a dream and never gave up on it.

Throughout his amateur career he worked as a kindergarten teacher in a daycare. He has always loved children and is a father of 3 beautiful girls who are his pride and joy.

In Danny’s 30-year competitive career, he has won the North American Amateur Ballroom Champion, the coveted title of Canadian National Amateur Ballroom Champion, the North American Professional Ballroom Championship, the Professional Canadian National Ballroom Championship and made the prestigious World Professional Show Dance Final - ranking 4th in the World.

After a very successful career, Danny retired from Competitive Ballroom Dancing and dedicated his time coaching, lecturing, and adjudicating and teaching - his true passion. He has coached and taught many dancers across the USA and Canada. Under his tutelage, many have become Amateur, Professional National and International Champions. He has also been coaching ice dancers for the last 25 years.

Danny also created the Dance Company New York Dance Force. A group of very talented young dancers from New York who were delivering the most artistic and flamboyant choreography as a team on many occasions and stages across Canada and USA.

Well known for his creative instincts and show dance experience, Danny was invited to choreograph on the popular TV program So You Think You Can Dance Canada where he created beautiful masterpieces for young dancers of different dance backgrounds.

Danny is a fully certified Ballroom Dance Judge and a Canadian National and World Championship adjudicator. He offers his services in English and French and is currently teaching at 1574 Walkley Road in Ottawa.



Beginner/ Intermediate/ ​Advanced

I offer lessons at any level in ​International Ballroom dancing ​(newcomer, bronze, silver, gold and ​open).


Training and coaching offered for ​competitive professionals in ​Ballroom dancing.

You will be taught and coached by ​a former trainer of past National ​Canadian and National American ​champions and finalists.

Social or Competitive

Social: Lessons offered for weddings ​and special occasions.

Weekly lessons are offered with the ​opportunity to practice and have a ​good time at studio social parties.

Competitive: If you want to refine ​your dancing, improve, and ​compete against other dancers of ​your level regionally, nationally, or ​internationally.


Students will learn the different ​dances of Ballroom Dancing (Cha ​Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, ​Jive, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, ​Fox Trot and Quick Step).

Lessons are 45-minutes and are fun ​and informative. We will focus on ​technique, transfer of weight, step ​patterns, footwork, musicality, good ​posture, etiquette of Ballroom ​Dancing, discipline and partnering. ​I offer private and group lessons for ​all ages and all levels.

Group Classes and

Private Classes

Group lessons are offered at every ​level. They are a great opportunity ​to meet new people and interact ​with others who share the same ​passion for dancing.

Private classes are offered to any ​age group at any level. I can work ​with you one-on-one or with a ​partner. Private lessons allow you to ​develop at your own pace and ​improve faster.


A workshop is a group lesson ​designed to focus on a particular ​subject related to a dance. Students ​of all levels are welcome and can ​benefit from the information shared.

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